A Jack Of - Games, Tech, Finance and Fun

or should we really say, a Jack of EVERYTHING

You have all heard the expression, “A Jack of All Trades”

Turns out, this is a great skill to have! You’re like a Swiss army knife. That’s what this site is dedicated to being, a swiss army knife, A Jack Of everything, or everything I like to do.


Key themes for this site will be my hobbies and interests. Technology, Finances, Games and Everything in between. You know A Jack of all hobbies!

Are you ready to start to learning and have as much fun as I do? Maybe even help teach some youngsters!

Age of Origins

Learn how to play on a computer. Windows or Mac.

Games Actively Playing

Here are some of the highlighted games that we're actively playing. When we say actively playing, it's a little hardcore!

Rise of Kingdoms

Learn how to play on a computer. Windows or Mac.

Games are fun. Plain and simple. Help us figure out the best strategies and the best way to beat the games!


We love Tech at A Jack! Using it might be a little annoying. We will try to help you setup and configure all the Tech in our lives so you can love tech too!

Understanding your personal finances is extremely important and understanding how to build wealth through investments vehicles.